The Pitiless Traveller

I was in a crowded bus station in Bangalore, before its name was officially changed to ‘Bengaluru’. I had just finished university in Singapore and was doing a South India trip of almost three weeks that would end in Kerala, from where I come. My first stop on the trip was a town a few […]

Local / Home

Travelling home

I landed at Kochi, Kerala, India at about 12:30 AM from Singapore. My parents picked me up and took me home. ‘Home’ was a town called Potta about thirty kilometres north of the airport. It seemed dead at 1:30 when we arrived. There are no lamp-posts from the main road to our house. We drove through the dark, narrow road through which two vehicles could not pass simultaneously. The house is a hideous, two-storey monstrosity with a covered terrace at the top. It is quite comfortable […]