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Tiger Leaping Gorge and the scuba diving girl

I like meeting people on my solo trips and often stay in touch with them after the trip ends. Facebook became popular at the right time for me to stay connected with people across the globe with whom I might have spent just a day or a few days travelling. Some of these people have […]

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Animals of Lion Rock

I awoke one Saturday morning in December and decided that it was about time I checked out Lion Rock and the “best views of Hong Kong”. I found a direct bus – 116 – that took me close to the area. Following my maps rather than any directions that I had gathered, I found myself […]


Hills of Yangshuo

This trip was into Guilin and Yangshuo in China, places known for their limestone cliff (karst) scenery. Online and in-person reviews gave starkly different opinions between Chinese and foreign visitors. The Chinese maintained that Guilin was the better spot to visit and worth more time. The foreigners all said to use Guilin as the entry […]